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Flyscreen Repair

We offer punctual, reliable fly screen repairs with old fashioned service and manners. We do Flyscreen repairs North & South of the river in Perth , Rockingham, Madurah , Baldivas and Byford.

Choosing What Type of Fly Screen Repair You Need

  • If the frame is slightly dented or bent, the whole frame will need replacing.
  • If only the we use high quality fibre glass mesh has a hole and frame is in tact, you can just replace the mesh.
  • If your flydoor has been damaged by a pet. Then it’s best to use pet mesh instead of fibre glass mesh which is robust and much thicker & coated with rubber so very durable .

Fly Screen Repairs fir Frames

  • Find out the colour
  • Measure the approximate width and height
  • Ask your repairer for an accurate price up front

Repairs to window fly screen mesh and frame prices start from $73/m2 (excl GST).

Fly Screen Mesh

Fibreglass mesh
  • Strongest and most common fly screen mesh
  • Charcoal colour
  • Durable
  • Does not rust
  • Typically damaged by sharp objects or animal claws, or wear and tear around the door handle
  • $43/m2 plus GST
  • Thicker material and more durable
  • Flexible and softer to touch
  • More resistant to animal claw tears
  • Lets less light through
  • $ 159 plus GST per fly door
  • Aluminium frames @ $ 69/Sq m plus GST
  • They are either 9mm or 11mm thich frames please check
  • Check the colour of the frames on the colour chart

Fly Screen Repair Prevention

Clear Perspex door guard

  • Fits behind flydoor lock and surrounds the handle whilst covering the mesh
  • Popular on rental properties
  • Only $29.50 fitted

Flyscreen door repairs

  • Check if the flyscreen door is sliding or hinged
  • Check if rollers need replacing
  • Measure the approx width (common measures are: 810mm, 900mm and 1200mm)
  • Decide if the repair is mesh only or the whole door

Mesh only repair – from $129 plus GST per flyscreen door frame

Pet mesh repair – from $159 plus GST

Whole new flyscreen door – from $365 plus GST – prices vary according to width

Additional cost applied to latches for hinged flyscreen doors.

Common powder coated colours are faster and less expensive to repair.

Colour chart

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