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Lean Toos

Lean Toos

I’ve built over 30 lean to sheds. These are typically off to the side of your house or shed and fit under the eave.

Lean toos are typically for boat storage, garden storage, general equipment and junk storage.

  • Galvanized patio tubing for durability, less maintenance, a longer life and lower cost
  • Treated H4 timber for visual appearance and the option of painting the lean to any colour you want. It’s easy to work with and install. The treated H4 provides some protection against termite and insect damage.
  • Jarrah for a premium visual appearance
Lean To Roofing Material

There are three options for your lean to roof, depending on whether you want natural light or not.

  • Zincalume a lower cost silver roofing material
  • Colorbond sheeting full roof cover
  • Colorbond sheeting full roof cover Colorbond sheeting – indispersed with polycarbonate sheets to give you more light in your lean to

For your lean to roof, we typically use Superdek colorbond sheeting. It has a trapezoidal shape with a 28 mm rib height that allows for long spans and delivers outstanding water carrying ability. It is a lightweight, rigid design with high tensile strength. Importantly, it is economical and efficient to install.

Lean To Roofing Colours

The standard colorbond range gives you a choice of more than 12 colours for your lean to roof.

Lean To Gutter & Down Pipe

Our Lean To sheds can also be fitted with an optional gutter and down pipe, with a buried soak well. This is essential if the water from your roof has the potential to spill over into your neighbours yard and/or cause erosion to your garden.

Lean To Flashing

An optional extra adds skirting along the edge of your roof for a more attractive and finished look.

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