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I have over 70 Recommendations. Solving a wide range of problems is what I have had to do all my African farming life - 25yrs {Africa is one big problem} I have over 70 Recommendations on [ Hi Pages ]so you know you are dealing with an honourable hard working honest bloke, Who has solved many problems for my customers some of whom are now regular clients, I also work for FIFO clients, and out of state customers, some of whom I have never met ! yet are repeat clients .


  • Outside the box flyscreens and fly doors {especially accessing window winders}
  • Construction of small structures and lean toos
  • Plastic lattice work and shade cloth structures
  • Pool pump houses
  • Repair broken gates, doors and leaking roofs
  • Repair leaking gutters, broken down pipes and fitting soak wells
  • Chain saw work cutting trees and overhanging branches and removal of debris
  • Hanging pictures and positioning them for the best effect


I design and install simple shade cloth structures. These provide small shade areas for you and your garden. Shade cloth can be a much lower cost option that constructing a whole patio structure.


Light Duty

50-56% shade factor

Ideal for wind and privacy screening, DIY window shades, solar protection for plants and protecting fruit and vegetables that prefer partial sun.

Medium Duty

64-70% shade factor

Suited to shade for plants and ferns, wind, privacy screening and protecting fruit and vegetables that prefer shade

Heavy Duty

84-90% shade factor

Most suitable for patios and sitting under, can withstand light rain.


Lattice structures are a low cost way to create:

  • A more convivial and homely outdoor area
  • A foundation for your creepers to climb and create an attractive vertical garden
  • Screening from your neighbours
  • Screening from the road
  • A border for your garden.

I install lattice work South of Perth, including Baldivis, Rockingham, Mandurah and Pinjarra.


Plastic Lattice
  • UV stabilized polypropylene resin for high strength
  • Durable and lasts longer
  • Easy to install
  • Available in 1200mm-2400mm panels
  • Choice of colour charcoal, cream, green, white
Wood Lattice
  • Treated pine or hardwood
  • Available in 2400mm x 1800mm, 2400mm x 1200mm, 2400mm x 600mm panels.


Your lattice profile has no impact on durability or costs you simply choose the shape and look you prefer.

  • Diamond
  • Square
  • Reeded

Decorative shapes are also available but can incur slightly higher costs.


An optional extra is to choose to have capping and posts. This is most common when you want to create a privacy lattice.

After with Plastic Lattice
After with Plastic Lattice
After with Plastic Lattice
Before Shade cloth
After Shade cloth

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